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Phone: (304) 907-0208
Phone: (304) 907-0208
85 State Garage Rd
Muddlety, WV 26651
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Buying, Selling and Trading Excess Equipment Since 2007
Welcome to XS-Iron

XS-IRON is the brainchild of Thomas Cogar a long time logger that has turned his hobby and passion for finding and refitting used logging equipment, used earthmoving equipment, and much more into a self-sustaining business. The idea for XS-IRON has its roots in the over 20 years Tom spent logging himself, often running multiple logging crews himself and being of simple means. Tom often found himself needing specific logging equipment. Lacking the resources to purchase new equipment on an as needed basis Tom looked to older iron. Hitting auctions to find what he dubbed as XS-IRON for himself to refit and use on his own jobs. As often as not, Tom found himself selling the very iron he tracked down and refitted to other small loggers in the area. The seed was planted and in time XS-IRON would come from that seed.

With the down turn of the forestry industry in the recent past even Tom had equipment sitting idle. While looking at his equipment yard in Webster Springs, West Virginia, and talking to his long-time VP Charlie Cochran, the idea became life. Tom's own words to Charlie that November day were, "I need to do something with all this excess iron sitting idle," and his hobby and passion became a business -- XS-IRON was born!

Now and then Tom hits the auctions looking for his XS-IRON refitting it and looking to the long list of business people of simple means for his client base. In the short time XS-IRON has been in business, we have moved out of our small beginnings and into a new location providing quality used forestry equipment. We are now looking to add newer products and services to our growing business. Keep your eyes peeled for our additions. They will be worth your time.