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About XS-Iron

XS-IRON is a small used equipment sales company located in Muddlety, West Virginia. Our location is approximately 5 miles north of Summersville, West Virginia, on Rt 19. We have been in the used equipment sales business since November 2007. Since our first days in business we have outgrown our original location and moved into our current larger location.

We buy and sell what we call XS-IRON from auctions around the country. We also deal in trade-ins as well. The IRON bought at auction is transported to our location. On arrival all of the IRON is given an inspection by our mechanics. Repair orders are placed and repairs made, at which point it is once again inspected. It is at this point, the decision on fresh paint is made. Not all of our IRON gets fresh paint. This is not done out of lack of desire for good-looking equipment. It is done so that we can pass on the savings in man hours and paint to our customers.

We are a company that believes in keeping our prices on a level so as to be affordable for our customers. Just check our prices for our used logging equipment, used earthmoving equipment, and other products against others, and we think you will find our pricing is often lower than most others. We do this to be a company at the front of our customers' list of places to buy and look. Pricing is just one of the reasons we want you to visit us for used forestry equipment and much more. The other is our belief that a handshake is the bedrock of doing business. All customers, no matter if you are just shopping around or you are here to make a purchase, will be greeted with a handshake and a smile.